No APPS appear on Taskbar after minimize (upgraded from 8.0 to 9.0) so can't restore already open apps. Help please?

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I am by no means a skilled user.

I was very fortunate to use the forum for instructions found to upgrade from Trisquel 8.0 to 9.0 LTS. Everything seemed to go very well, and it even resolved (for now at least) a problem where Trisquel didn't recognize mounting to a separate hard drive (the primary w/ Trisquel is an SSD.) At this point all settings are default (except a very few already added apps that came from 8.0, such as GParted.) Everything is from the default repositories and settings.

However, when opening ANY app (including the default Abrowser), they simply do not show up on the taskbar, and after minimizing any/all of them, for any reason at all, they cannot be restored from the taskbar. Clicking on the 'show desktop' icon restores ONLY the browser. And opening any app again (including Abrowser) only opens a new incidence of the same app (any work already in progress is not present.) I believe they're likely still running, but I don't know how to restore them.

Help please? And genuinely...I ask that any well-intended suggestions/instructions be explicitly step-by-step, as I simply am not savvy or intuitive. I'm *thrilled* to be away from Windows, but it may be a long haul for me to regain any proficiency for Linux. I understand it's very unsavory for skilled programmers/users, but for genuinely widespread Linux adoption (Gnu-Linux or otherwise), for an ultimately 'libre' world, I humbly suggest making any public-facing 'distros' as plainly 'convertible' as possible (from Windows, iOS, Android, etc.?)

Separately, will someone please tell me the best way to reach out for Trisquel assistance on IRC (under the assumption that's better for knowledgeable users than opening Forum topics.) Again, step-by-step?

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Add 'Window List' to the panel.
– Right-click on the panel
– Add to panel
– Window List

If you turn the panel color setting to 'none', there'll be three dots visible. The Window List applet also adds a system monitor to the panel. The dots are otherwise invisible.

add_to_panel_windowlist.png system_monitor.png
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So simple, yet utterly fantastic!

Heartfelt thanks!

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Trisquel 9's repository contains GParted.

Here is how to connect to the #trisquel IRC channel:

I think the forum is better. It persists, what can be useful to whoever faces the same issue. And that brings an incentive to better express both the problem and its solution.