raspberry pi 2 and fsf approval?

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What parts of the software must find a free software solution in order to make the raspberry pi 2 a free software computer?

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> What parts of the software must find a free software solution in
> order to make the raspberry pi 2 a free software computer?

There is some more info here, but it sounds like there aren't any new
developments from a free software perspective in particular:


The RPI 2 is using ARMv7 instead of ARMv6 which is more widely supported
by current distros.

It is apparently using VideoCore (on BCM2836 instead of BCM2835) so I
don't think there is any difference on the graphics blob front.


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is the graphics driver the only non-free part of the pi?
if you remove all graphics and just ssh into it is it libre?

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The GPU starts and initializes the "main" ARM CPU. It is libre if you
don't connect power to it.

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why would the gpu start the cpu?

when i find the money and time ill try and replace my pi webservers
with libre altervatives

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There are comments on some pieces of hardware here that might contain some clues.


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IMHO, Raspberry Pi's are overrated - not only in terms of free software, but also regarding their hardware specifications. Last time I did a market research, there were a lot of interesting boards with a better price/performance ratio, but without such popularity.

Raspberry Pi 2 doesn't seem to be cool or futureproof either... In about a month or so,
ARMv8 64-bit inexpensive devboards are going to be released: e.g. Nobel64. Look it up

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Ya, it is still non-free and it appears that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken many steps backwards in terms of
freedom. According to their blog post [1] about it, they are promoting a stripped down version of Windows 10* and have
been working with Microsoft [2] to make this happen. The Raspberry Pi foundation cares no more about freedom than
Microsoft does. The road that the Raspberry Pi foundation is taking is not a great thing for freedom or education.

[1] Raspberry Pi2 - http://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-2-on-sale/

[2] Win 10 on PI - http://dev.windows.com/en-us/featured/raspberrypi2support

* It most likely is their Internet of Things platform, not a full version of Windows 10 with a GUI.

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You can use the Pi in freedom, but then you are limited to 128 kb of sram. The sdram won't work without nonfree software. This is the same problem that the librem has.
I hope that gcc gets ported to the VideoCore IV GPU, I think that will a requirement for freedom. Then one can write a free program that initialises memory and boots the linux kernel.

But there is also the Banana Pi which does not reqire any non-free software. If you need WIFI than you should buy an adapter from Technoetic or ThinkPenguin. The GPU has been reverse engineered so there is a free driver. I also ported the linux-libre kernel (version 3.4) but there is no Triquel support yet.