Shopping via tor browser: Double up on stupidity?

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In order to work around the cumbersomeness of shopping - including the preceding search for goods - I have recently used tor browser for shopping. I know that in general it is not advised to use tor browser if you reveal your identity, but I thought it might be better that revealing my identity via e.g. Abrowser.

But it struck me, that I might be doubling up on stupidity here: When I use the tor browser, everyone out there can collect a lot of data about me, only they don't know it's me. Until I reveal myself when paying for goods and ordering shipment to my home address! Hence I may have given 'them' full access to my browsing and a verified identification of me.

Ay ay!!!

Is it as bad as considered here?

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That's not how it works. Only the last node can read even unencrypted pages that are routed through it (every node encrypts their part), and if you use HTTPS (which you'd better be if you're sending personal information to someone), no one can read it.

But still, there's no sense in using Tor if you're literally telling the website who you are and what your address is.