Is someone using Freenix?

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Hi, Slackware is my favourite GNU/Linux distribution. I think that this distro do things the best possible way. Here is a distro and guide for using Slackware without blobs. But Slackware uses Slackbuilds for additional software, which doesn't split software into free or propietary. Is here a good way to filter Slackbuilds? (wihout having to read all licences of every package).

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Very interesting question to me. I also had an eye for Freenix for a
while but never used it yet, honestly. I also admired Slackware for a
long time. For Slackbuilds filtering, I am waiting for Freenix
Project's (or somebody else's) approaches. For the time going, if you
are using Freenix now, how about using Guix as a replacement to
Slackbuilds? I am sorry I cannot answer your question precisely.