Suggestions for calculating salary documenting libre software

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Hello everybody there, how are you?

Some months ago I was talking with a Danish software developer, in order to create documents for a libre program used to generate web maps ( Finally, there was no agreement between us and the manual ended at a platform with sad terms and conditions of use (

But I has a doubt: how much can I charge for my services documenting libre software?

That's why I write you guys. I would like to know if someone could help me with ideas or links to get an idea of how much it would be appropriate to charge per hour to perform three specific tasks:

1) Design, drafting and publicate documentation of free programs (text + images).

2) Design, development and publication of videos (perhaps it would be necessary to charge per minute of video).

3) Specialized translation and proofread from Spanish (my Language) to English.

I may need those data in the future and I don't have the slightest idea of what criteria could I follow to know how much is appropriate to charge for these works. I was born in Latinamerica and I am aware that the wages in this region are pretty poor, but I can't charge as a professional from Europe or USA, because I'm not, although I am able to do all the things I listed above (with the help of a friend who was born in USA for translating).

Many thanks in advance. Hugs.

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"how much can I charge for my services documenting libre software?"

That depends on what you think you can get. Gotta negotiate.