Is there an amd gpu (deblobbed) which I can use?

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Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well.

First I`m new to GNU-Linux/libre (Trisquel) and I`m very confused about the topic GNU-Linux/libre and which gpu I am able to use with it.

I know that I can use some nvidia gpu like 600/700 I also have right now 2 nvidia gpus for testing purpose one is gtx 580 which works but performance wise it is awful and a gtx 770 which I had the best performance result so far.

But I have some ethical issues using hardware from this company (nvidia), they behavior against the nouveau project making things much complicated for reverse engineering and other stuff which lets me avoid using them.

I was searching the whole web for an answer but I didn't get really a satisfied one. Also at a reddit topic some one who says he can use amd gpu with linux/libre.

I have found here a post from jxself which says:

/* Firmware Names */
-#define FIRMWARE_TONGA "amdgpu/tonga_uvd.bin"
-#define FIRMWARE_CARRIZO "amdgpu/carrizo_uvd.bin"
-#define FIRMWARE_FIJI "amdgpu/fiji_uvd.bin"
-#define FIRMWARE_STONEY "amdgpu/stoney_uvd.bin"

So what does that mean, can I use an amd gpu depending on this firmware, with 3D acceleration?

For testing I have r9 280 depends on Tahiti (which works but with out 3d acceleration) and the r7 260x depends on Bonaire. But someone from had a r7 240 which also depends on Oland, I think.

Or is there no amd gpu outside which works with 3D acceleration?

Also I was looking for at and found the only amd gpu which could fit my needs is r7 200 but users are in doubt about:
"Was contributed back in 2014 by an anonymous user. So It was way back then, when there was no Linux-libre as it is today and maybe a lot of firmware was not removed back then. The device was accepted then.", says Ark74.

It is very frustrating if there is no 100% clear answer or a detailed list which gpu is working with 3d acceleration. About this topic (or I`m just to stupid to understand it xD) also it was very confusing that trisquel has amdgpu, radeon and ati driver. Why they are there if amdgpu require non free firmware?
Also confusing reading something like that "Linux-libre kernel = 100% Freedom ... Updated AMD GPU".

I hope some one can enlighten/help me about this problem i have. Thank you very much and greets.

Ps: sry for my bad english xD

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As far as I know, users of Trisquel with AMD GPUs do not have 3D acceleration. Worse: they sometimes do not even have the proper resolution. It is, nevertheless, better than nothing (well, better than the "vesa" driver). That is why the free software drivers come with the kernel (not every feature depends on proprietary firmware).

Besides older nVidia cards, you can simply use Intel integrated graphics: they work very well, if not perfectly. And they are cheap. And you save energy. That said, as you know, the hardware is not the best for 3D acceleration (but is good for video acceleration, for instance): with the Intel® HD Graphics 630 ( precisely), Trisquel's default kernel and its SuperTuxKart package, I get ~15 FPS.

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I remember when I first installed Trisquel I was getting 1024*768 resolution, after upgrading the Linux-libre kernel to 4.19.*, I did get 1080p resolution(but the audio in my monitor was not working via HDMI so... I use headphones :D ). I have an AMD GPU RX 560.

When you read this "Linux-libre kernel = 100% Freedom ... Updated AMD GPU". That means the linux kernel developers updated the gpu driver(Take the example above, upgrading the kernel to 4.19.* gives me support for 1080p resolution ;) )

If you really need GPU compute for work or other tasks you can check the AMD Vega GPU it is well supported in the kernel, but it's expensive...(Although I'm not sure if it is 100% free software).

Other than that you stuck with proprietary drivers :/ if you really need gpu compute.

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Vega is not an option because it contains AMD PSP backdoor. Maybe RX580 because it does not contain it


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Besides using the Intel integrated graphics, you can also use certain Nvidia models.

Funny enough, AMD is more cooperative than Nvidia when it comes to developing the free software drivers, but they make them highly dependent on non-free firmware.

Nvidia on the other hand, does not want to have any involvement in developing free software drivers, but several of their cards have been reverse engineered to the point where a fully working free software driver is available (it's called nouveau and is in the repository of Trisquel).

So for 3D acceleration on Trisquel you need either Intel integrated graphics, or a specific model of Nvidia GeForce.

Here you can find a list of GeForce models that work with 3D acceleration on a system that uses a de-blobbed Linux (Linux-libre), just like Trisquel does.

To be really completely sure you are buying a card that works with Trisquel, look here. Thinkpenguin guarantees their hardware will work with Trisquel.

Of course, if you want a computer that is as free as it can be (without Intel ME and without a non-free BIOS), you will have to forget 3D acceleration for the most part. The only solutions available for x86 compatible platforms are older models of Intel integrated graphics. They will do 3D, but they will not do modern gaming, a lot of free software 3D games will be too much for those. The non-x86 platforms do not have affordable options for 3D acceleration afaik.

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but if your computer is made in Taiwan only, it will work fine, I know this by experience.. but if it ia made in china then you will encounter problems.

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There is no difference between Taiwan and China, same Asia. I don't believe that Taiwan has flying unicorns that are making perfect computers.