Time To Buy Your Trisquel License Key

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Starting off as a joke from the IRC channel about how much it would cost to buy a license key for Trisquel, this seems like a good time to bring up this topic of donating to Trisquel. Especially since version 8 is out now.

So how much *does* a license key cost? One method might be to figure out how much you'd spend on proprietary software licenses (assuming that you had authorized copies all those programs) and donate that amount.

Who else will join me?

Even if you can't accord that amount (which will surely vary from person to person based on what software they use) please consider setting some amount that you can afford and join in. Long live Trisquel!

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Dear Jxself

First, thanks for the work on new long-awaited Trisquel 8.

Well, as an old Apple user and a quite active person on the french forum, there is not such a gap between Ruben an I than I had with Steve Jobs.

I can't see myself the other way than as a member of an association.
I read that few years ago, 3% off the total of gross national product of France came from non lucrative association (which have a official national status).

By talking about Trisquel around me as a user (and I recently talked about it last week-end to a Linux Mint user), I promote it.

I do some assistance here like Apple would do. Giving a living distro makes it attractive.

Unfortunately, I think libre computer sellers sould lower their prices to help projects like Trisquel or even other free softwares.
I do graphics so I need a good screen and enough power.
One of the solution could be buying an old MacBook to install Libreboot. I didn't started as a hardware hacker spirit which is very important, I think.
But OS is counted in the price of a computer.

As a french penson I always though by the term Libre rather than Free. Trisquel is not free beer for me.
So I looked the prices of Windows and Apple licences. But they have their proper softwares like iTunes and so on.
So you just can't really compare because other softwares are not our project.

So, talking about the price of Trisquel is nonsens for me.

I'll give 30 € as a support contribution for Trisquel 8 because I just like it.

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You can't find me under "Donations" but I've donated a couple of times.
Long Live Trisquel!

Pablo G

I am a member!

I am a translator!

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I'm a member. So I pay like a bet for this proyect.
How much? Less than I would like...

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
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I would like to see a recommended donation amount per the amount of
downloads/users for a release.
Also how much left to reach a good salary for the trisqual dev(s).

Metrics like this would be helpful for working out how much i should
donate to projects but i get it needs time and energy to get and use
such metrics. guess thats what crowd donation services are for. heh

Magic Banana

I am a member!

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https://trisquel.info/member says:

The Trisquel membership program is open to everyone in any country, and we understand every member will have a different financial situation, so we prefer that you choose how much do you want to contribute. The suggested fee is 10€/month, with the minimum amount being 5€/month. There is no upper limit, we suggest a 20€/month fee for anyone with a good job.

As for financial information, I have just updated http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/financial-information

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All of a sudden, I realise how little I have donated, strongly contrasting how much I have used - and appreciated - Trisquel

...must make amends...

but I would like to suggest that Trisquel can be supported via Liberapay: https://liberapay.com