A 'tool' to select librebootable thinkpad

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When searching for librebrootable thinkpads I have used a spreadsheet with every model/type enlisted. By searching for the type-number, you get information about the configuration of the specific computer, you are considering to buy/get your hands on.

Even a seller with no technical knowledge can provide you with the type-number, which is written on the bottom and looks like: TYPE 7458-CV9. When searching for the example given here, it turns out to (originally) be an X200 configured with: P8600(2.4GHz), 2GB RAM, 160GB 7200rpm HD, 12.1in 1280x800 LCD, Intel 4500MHD, CDRW/DVDRW, WWAN option, 1Gb Ethernet, Secure Chip, X200 UltraBase+CDRW/DVDRW, Camera, 9c Li-Ion, WinVista Business 64

I has been very useful to me, for instance to avoid buying a poorly configured model, when a highly configured one was also available.

The spreadsheet comprise all librebootable thinkpads. If you can use it, feel free.

PS: I also have versions for each model, e.g. for x200 (ordinary, slim and tablet), w500, t60 etc. If you would like one of these, let me know.

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Like any used devices, most N-th (>= second) hand notebooks are very likely to have certain parts replaced. And serial number and machine type code can be easily counterfeited (including those in BIOS). So the original configurations don't make much sense for me. I often go to dark market to search for used computing devices that partially respects user's freedom, and I just bring several Live USB media. The lspci and lsusb utilities should do most works for me.

However, thank you for sharing anyway.

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I think X200s models with SU9x00 CPU can now be librebooted (at least corebooted). My community friends recently corebooted X301 with SU9x00 CPU, which is very similar with X200s (same chipset).

If you want to run virtual machines on librebooted X200 series, then there is still certain problem with VT, related to CPU microcode. But the CPU performance should not be a problem. I can even run VMs on an X300 (GM965 based) with weaker SU7100 CPU.

Whether SL9x00 or SU9x00 is better depends on your needs, i.e., battery life or CPU performance.

As for the screen, you asked that "does it have a LCD screen". Then I could only tell you that (almost) any laptop computer has at least one LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. For X200s models, they all have LED-backlit LCD screens. And very few of them have WXGA+ (1440*900) screens, and those who have WXGA+ screens also have carbon fiber tops like X1 Carbon and are therefore much lighter.