Trisquel 4.0?

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I am a fairly new user of Trisquel (have used other linuxin before, e.g. Ubuntu and gNewSense), and I really love the distribution.

I therefor introduced s friend to it, and he considers switching to Trisquel, but asked me when a new release (based on Ubuntu 10.04) can be expected (not that it is crucial for the switch.

I couldn't really give him an answer, so I thought I would ask here. Sorry if the question has already been answered somewhere in the forum/wiki, but at least I couldn't find it.

And while I am at it, will there first be an alpha/beta?

An estimate on the date (time line) will do.

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Trisquel versions are released roughly 3 months after the Ubuntu releases they are based on. Although with 3.5, we missed that mark by quite a bit.