Trisquel or Trisquel Mini for a Librebooted T400 with only 3GB of RAM?

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I recently got my computer Librebooted to install a FSF certified GNU+Linux distribution and I decided to go with Trisquel. However, I have yet to upgrade the RAM on it to 8GB and it only has 3GB as of right now. What would you recommend I install? Trisquel or Trisquel Mini?


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It depends, what desktop envirovment you prefer? personaly i think that 3 GB of ram are more than enough for run Trisquel runs GNOME and if you want upgrade the RAM is probably the best option.
Trisquel-mini run lxde and lxde works even with 512 MB or ram, lxde is lightweight and is designed for older computers.

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3gb are fine, you should install Trisquel 64 bits, and then install lxde. LXDE is best in lightness/desktop-features ratio. Trisquel's GNOME2 is fine. You really only need more ram if you run your browser with much tabs and at the same time playing huge 3d games for example, I recommend to install mate or gnome system monitors, and then see if your ram consumptios gets near 3gb orn ot.


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In the past I ran the gnome-flashback Trisquel on an atom with 1 gb of RAM with no issue whatsoever (I disdain mutitasking)