Trisquel_9 freezes

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Joined: 01/04/2015

Every so often (actually, all too often) my Lenovo T420 running Trisquel_9 freezes completely:

1. No mouse;
2. No keyboard;
3. Frozen screen.

The freezes seem to happen upon starting another application (any other application).
The laptop will stop upon pressing and holding the power button.

Fortunately, a residual installation of Trisquel_8 still functions without freezing.

George Langford

Joined: 07/16/2018

Hello Amenex,

My presario v3000 with old but not ancient intel hardware exhibits freezing unless I uncheck the 'Enable software compositing window manager' box in 'look and feel' 'windows.'
And switch to 'marco(gpu compositor)' in 'mate tweak,' or 'no compositor.'

I understand that your hardware is a special case and different than mine.
It would only takes a few seconds of wasted time to find out if it solves the freezing issue, and then put it back to its current choices if not. I do not know if you have to stop a specific process to achieve result, so reboot could eliminate further guessing on that.

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I think the freezing has been getting better for my x200 libreboot computer, but I tried changing those options you mentioned.

For more clarity, I found by clicking Mate menu --> System --> Preferences --> Look and Feel --> Windows

and Mate menu --> System --> Preferences --> Look and Feel --> Mate Tweak

Joined: 01/04/2015

Magic Banana is on the right track; I switched mice with a great reduction in freezes.

Now it only freezes when I try too much, such as opening a 500M text file in Abrowser
and then trying to open something in a different work space while the Abrowser file is
still loading.