Updating to Trisquel 8.0 without reinstalling…

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Trisquel updater is updated today but I cannot see 8.0.
Can I update it now (without reinstalling)? I want to build GLFS distro on newer software.


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You can also dist-upgrade to Flidas - but please ONLY try this on a spare partition or machine, as lots of things will be unstable or broken. I started with Belenos Mini, changed sources.list to flidas and did a dist-upgrade. The flidas repos are changing all the time, so you may have to pull some packages from elsewhere. At the moment apt-get and Synaptic are giving various errors, but are mostly working. A lot of my usual software choices are still missing, but the Mate desktop is working fine. There is no Abrowser or IceCat yet, so i'm posting this from QupZilla:) You can of course also get IceCat from http://jenkins.trisquel.info/ or http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnuzilla/. Happy hacking!