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Why is TriSquel's last release so old?

The major Linux distributions use a "rolling" release cycle, every 6 months, 9 months, or a year.

Does thinkpenguin.com still support Trisquel?

I ask because I noticed that the "libre" subdomain from "libre.thinkpenguin.com" goes away once I visit the "libre.thinkpenguin.com" site.

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> Why is TriSquel's last release so old?

Lack of manpower, ask quidam on IRC. If you want a free rolling release distribution, check out Parabola GNU/Linux.

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"Does thinkpenguin.com still support Trisquel? "

you can ask on irc:

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It is "old" as you put it because Trisquel follows the Ubuntu LTS releases. The latest one of those is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr.) This is what Trisquel is based on. So it is the latest one. The next one will be Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xantus) in April 2016. Because. It's. Every. Two. Years. I for one like this: Similiar to the long times between Debian stable releases. I like my distros to be this way: Over a weekend every two years I work on upgrading to the new version (usually after the new version's already been out for a long while) where the distro is otherwise boring and uneventful and I can focus on getting my work done.

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libre.thinkpenguin.com doesn't just redirect you to thinkpenguin.com, it also sets a cookie and adds an item to your shopping cart to facilitate the effects of it. It's a design simplification they have, and it does prevent you from using that domain to link to specific products unfortunately, but it works.