What are the pros and cons regarding installing Webalizer.org on my own computer ?

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Years after downloading and installing Kompozer on my Thinkpad T420 and getting used to its
idiosyncracies, I still find it my go-to place for editing HTML within its 1000-row limit
for table sizes.

Now I've reached a limitation of the Webalizer Internet traffic-analyzing program, which
appears to be that the operators of the server my domain shares use settings which limit
the scope of the data output. I want to "see all sites" but my own domain's Webalizer
output displays only the top 100 visitors.

Then I discovered that Webalizer.org is free and open source and that I can download it.

Kompozer was easy; no one maintains it, so the original download still functions just
like it did years ago. No updates necessary.

Webalizer isn't like that; I see several vesions of Webalizer acknowledged in the Current
Visitor data that I can find on the Internet, so I will have to make sure that Webalizer
gets updated whenever I use Software Updater in my Trisquel installation.

Is there an Internet traffic analyzer application available within the new Etiona operating
system ? That would be the better choice, as software that is compatible with the principles
under which Trisquel is developed would be vastly preferable.

George Langford

Magic Banana

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Webalizer is in Trisquel 9's repository. After installing the eponymous package, the Update Manager will propose security updates, whenever one is uploaded to the repository.

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Magic Banana's advice works as is becoming normal ... Etiona now resides happily on two
of my three T420's. They're not kidding about the time (hours) that it takes to install.
At first, one installation would immediately reboot after being told to close ... but I
hadn't yet run autoremove to remove the unneeded files. After that it closes gracefully.

Webalizer is also easily installed with apt-get install ... but there's quite a learning
curve ahead for me. Fortunately there's a help page online. I did discover that my ISP's
logs appear acceptable to webalizer even though they are plain text. Webalizer calls them
the clf type. Webalizer is unable to read a file called usage_202010.html which I suspect
that it refers to history that doesn't exist ...

George Langford

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Update: Webalizer's webalizer.conf file is easy to set up, and I have complete control of the
outputs, including the ability to set it to list all sites, all URL's, all referrers, etc.
It needs my ISP's .gz files for the logs, of course.

After setting up executable scripts to run webalizer a couple of dozen times per year in
quick succession on the .gz files that my ISP puts in alphabetical order, I discovered that
the output files are in the same order ... not in a time sequence. That's easy to correct
by ordering the scripts chronologically and then re-running the executables.

George Langford