What is the difference between libreboot and blob-free coreboot?

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I am curious about this because the last libreboot is very old and I am concerned that they haven't made a release in a very long time...

Although I am also curious how you would do FDE + /boot on a blob-free coreboot release.

These two questions are very important before I consider my best option...

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This depends on how do you define the term "blob".

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That's what I meant. :)

Also, I am not talking about coreboot as a whole, which would be silly to ask, but the blob-free version of Coreboot

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Libreboot is a distribution of free coreboot BIOS containing no blob of proprietary code, founded by Leah Rowe.

Its development is supported by the Free Software Foundation, as part of its campaign for a free BIOS5, and the project is a member of the Peers Community.

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I think you and others are confused, I am asking, if there is a difference between BLOB-FREE Coreboot and Libreboot.

Not all coreboot version(s) including the blobbed version as a whole

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As stated on the coreboot website (1), Libreboot is "a blob-free coreboot distribution."

The Libreboot homepage (2) tells us further that "we upstream our custom patches to projects like coreboot, depthcharge, GRUB, and flashrom where possible. Together, our build system and documentation is provided with the aim of making free boot firmware accessible to all."

From which I get that Libreboot = blob-free coreboot + depthcharge + GRUB + flashrom (where possible) + user friendly build system and documentation.

So your question sort of amounts to asking about the difference between Linux-libre and Trisquel GNU/Linux.

(1) https://www.coreboot.org/users.html
(2) https://libreboot.org/

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libreboot on the gigabyte mainboard has downsides. It boots
slowly. Selecting between several gnulinux
distributions installed on the same hdd does
not work well. The mainboard has no dvi or hdmi and I
cannot connect a 8400gs graphics card, because the
pci port is not supported. I read the instructions on how
to install a gnulinux distribution on the computer but
I cannot get it to work.

If a free software coreboot rom could improve on these issues
I would rather install a coreboot rom.