Who of this community honestly runs Trisquel GNU/Linux?

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I run Trisquel 7. (On a non-librebooted laptop...)

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I just put a new SSD in my netbook and tried both Trisquel 7 and Uruk 2.0 (beta), which both run ok (1GB RAM, 32-bit single core!). Next I intend to try Trisquel 8 (alpha). I have a desktop box that I've been running Trisquel 7 on too, with no major issues.

I have to admit I've been using Mint on my entertainment laptop. I recently switched to LMDE 2.0 (based on Debian testing rather than Ubuntu), but I would recommend Mint as a "halfway house" between Windows/ Mac and a libre distro. Mainly because it just works and looks pretty, giving a positive first user experience for those who are completely new to GNU-Linux. But I do warn them that it's not fully free, and that they may want to switch to a fully free distro once they get more comfortable with GNU-Linux.

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BTW I just tried creating a Trisquel 8 alpha live disk using Disks and a USB stick. It wouldn't boot on either of my laptops (Aspire One or Toshiba Lifebook). Anyone know what I did wrong?

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I do use just trisquel, I love this OS.

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Running Trisquel 7 in a Vikings X200 laptop (librebooted and 4.13 libre kernel)
Debian 9 and Trisquel 7 in a assembled desktop.

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I use Debian 9. Although Trisquel has a nice ideology, it is technologically deficient. For example, there is neither the will nor the manpower to generate new releases in reasonable time.

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I've been using Trisquel 7 for 2 years now and now have installed Trisquel 8 for several months and have had almost no issues with it. I do all types of coding and media work on it and it does the job for me.

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I do, my main system at home !

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Trisquel is still a nice distro, even if you use Trisquel 7. You can update to the latest linux-libre from third party repos e.g. freesh, or build your own modern kernels. You can also use Ubuntu PPAs for certain things (free/libre packages, backported to Ubuntu 14.04, which is what Trisquel 7 is based on). Trisquel also keeps up to date its ABrowser web browser, which is a version of firefox, and other applications.

When Trisquel 8 is out, it's likely that an in-place update to it from T7 will be possible.

For those who want something more up to date, Parabola or Hyperbola are good alternatives to Trisquel.

Parabola is bleeding edge, based on Arch, and FSF endorsed. It's ideal for development systems or for non-critical desktops. Server/workstation usage is also possible, if you know what you're doing.

Hyperbola is relatively up to date, and also a libre fork of Arch like Parabola, but with a focus on debian-like stability and regular release cycles (ideal for workstations, servers etc). It has a different focus than Parabola, and although not yet FSF endorsed, it does seem to comply with FSF criteria and one or two Parabola developers contribute to or have otherwise moved over to it.



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I'm writing this on Trisquel 8 right now - it's completely useable (although perhaps not quite stable enough yet to be formally released).

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I run it on my Laptop, with Windows 10 running on my Desktop