Why big corporations are against riseup.net?

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Why don't Twitter or Ebay let users with @riseup.net accounts use their system?

twitter.com --> no registration is possible
ebay.de --> registration is possible but you won't receive the email to confirm your email address, so you cannot purchase anything.

I am not aware of any other corporation against this email system.


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Had no idea. I guess corporations don't like nonprofits that are against corporations, or that actually allow users full anonymity.

Why would you use twitter anyway? :P

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> Why would you use twitter anyway? :P
I follow other users :)

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Why not telling them about a better network like Mastodon, GNU Social, Pump.io ???

Twitter is worst each day. Not only for freedom but also as a plataform.

Many old twitter users are moving to Mastodon.

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I've had difficulty with several email confirmations sent to my riseup.net account, but I have no reason to believe it's deliberate. It could just be badly designed email servers, or it could even be the fault of Riseup's automatic spam filtering software.

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I think you'd better ask them directly..

..but my guess is as follows:

Given that:
-riseup.net is funded by members only (not by governments or corporations);
-it is always struggling to keep up the pace and pay the bills;
-every account they offer needs a tiny but significant amount of resources;
-it has a clear enough policy of not wasting resources;
-that policy serves the purpose of being able to deliver their service to whom is *really* in need of it;
-if you use twitter or ebay you are pinching a massive hole in your supposed attempt to keep your privacy;

given all of the above:
I think that using riseup.net together with a mass-surveillance service is paradoxical.
It seems pretty reasonable to me that they reject any email coming from mass-surveillance services that are actively working in the opposite direction of what riseup.net is trying to support, as keeping and delivering them would be a waste of precious resources.
After all, you don't *really* need a riseup.net account if you are using those services.

But that is only my guess, nothing more..

Cheers ;-)