WWAN USB stick for laptop

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is there a wwan (wireless wide area network) usb stick that works fluently with gnu linux and only free software?

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
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yep http://thinkpenguin.com/
or search on evilbay for TP-LINK TL-WN722N

Had helpful experiences with thinkpenguin. got there nice duel band usb
dongle :) served me well.

They made it possible for us to have free firmware for a wifi chipset too.

Theres other sellers too, like:

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are you sure that the model TP-LINK TL-WN722N is for HSPA, 3G, LTE...? there is also another model from the same company - TP-Link MA260:


is this model fully supported? it hasnt to be plug and play but there should be a working installation way...

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What you're looking for is a USB modem. He's confused and thinks about a wifi dongle. I've never had any problems with USB modems. They seem to pretty much all work. I have no idea about their firmware, though. They are usually detected as a cd-rom/storage device and then switched over by usb-modeswitch. If there's a firmware needed or loaded, I don't know.


I have a Huawei USB LTE 4G modem E3276. It works out of the box with Trisquel.

huawei_e3276.jpg huawei_e3276_rear.jpg huawei_e3276_trisquel.JPG