Keyboard issues on a Thinkpad x200 with Libreboot

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Friday january the 20th I updated Trisquel and rebooted the system. Shortly afterwards the keyboard started to behave in a strange manner. Left shift key won't work, right shift key will work but with some letters it won't produce any result, capital or not... in order to start the system I need to introduce the password, and as a last resort I use Caps Lock as the last possible way to introduce a capital letter.

This does seem to me more a software problem than a hardware problem.

I have seen a similar behaviour once: the time I reflashed the BIOS with Libreboot *and* a GRUB password. That time I had to use Caps Lock too in order to introduce the password... until even Caps Lock stopped working. Then, I reflashed the BIOS with Libreboot without GRUB password, and everything was OK again.

Mar, 01/24/2017 - 00:02

Later on Sunday the problem seemed to vanish. Today, 46 hours after reporting the problem, everything is OK again. I updated Trisquel on Sunday, so I tend to think it was the update that provided the fix.