"If it ain't broke . . . why upgrade?"

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I've been using a Libiquity Taurinus for about a year with Trisquel 7.0. I just upgraded to 8.0. Maybe I should spend more time with 8.0 but, not being much of a programmer, I'm finding some fundamentals missing that make examining 8.0 difficult:

a)I have no max/min/close buttons on the window corners.

b)I can't get windows to elevate above others. Once I open an application it's on top and I can't get to other, lower, windows unless I close anything above.

c)Clicking on scroll options I have no control through my free mouse, only through the keyboard arrows.

I have a feeling I'll run into other issues.

I'm wondering, since the Libiquity people installed with 7.0 maybe I should have stuck with their installation decision. "If it ain't broke . . . why upgrade?"

Are there commands that will solve these problems? Or should I revert back to 7.0? [CAN I revert!?] Or maybe 9.0 has solved these problems?