GNOME MPV not working

Proxecto:Trisquel mini
Categoría:informe de erro
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Both GNOME MPV and mpv Media Player are pre-installed, although they seem to be pretty much the same. GNOME MPV is not working. I can open it, but when opening a file, the program shuts down. The same happens if I click on the file in the file manager: GNOME MPV starts briefly, but shuts down wihtout showing any image. This happens with mp4, flv and webm files, and even with an mp3 audio file.
mpv is working with both video and audio files.

Dom, 01/17/2021 - 21:25

On Trisquel 9 mini, I agree, GNOME MPV just flashes up a green screen and closes, no matter the file format. I use VLC as an alternative.