issues with my nVidia GeForce 6600 after upgrade - no more high-res available

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Hello everyone,

Being in a state of transition (dual boot system) ...from somwhere else... to Trisquel I still have to get to know the principles of the OS. Please bear that in mind when trzing to help me ;-)
I installed Trisquel 4.0.1 Taranis some weeks ago and after some intense information gathering and finally finding the xorg.conf I managed to get high resolutions (higher than 1024*768) out of my nVidia GeForce 6600 using the nv-driver. On Monday I upgraded to Trisquel 4.5 Slaine and gone was my high-res screen. Switching between nv and nouveau resulted in:

- nv: after boot selection I can see the splash screen and then I end up in tty1 text login, tty7 shows some startup text (initializing ClamAV to checking battery) and tty8 is a lonely cursor...

- nouveau: boots up normally but with a resolution of only 1028*768 as if the card is not recognized

During the process of trying to solve this I might have unknowingly messed up my system when using packet manager and terminal commands in a flurry.
I will reinstall Taranis, get my hi-res back to work and get all upgrades to 4.1 before upgrading to 4.5 Slaine again. Then I will report back whether the issue is persistent...

If you have any additional hints how I could try to explore this feel free to post or contact me.


Xov, 04/07/2011 - 11:42
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I got stuck in the reinstallation of Taranis 4.0.1 on my dual boot system... :( For some reason the (re)installation is a big lottery: 3 of many times the installation worked...trying different things out during reinstallation attempts I got I/O errors at 25, 28 and 51% copying process so far.

Looking at the time investment it takes me to actually get back to a comfprtably working system I decided to pass on 4.5 Slaine for now and will leave the graphics issue to someone with more experience and time...

Wish me god luck with the reassembly of my dual-boot system...I need it :)

Lun, 06/18/2012 - 05:15
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Closing bug since you said you decided to abandon the graphics issue. If you wish to re-open this issue with a later version of Trisquel and you still experience it just let us know.