Include GNU IceCat as default browser

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We should have IceCat as the default web browser, instead of the current generic "A Web Browser" program. This is because:

  • The logo, mascot, and name are much more distinctive
  • IceCat maintains a listing of free software add-ons whereas there is no such thing in "A Web Browser"
  • Far more people use IceCat than our version of FF, and that implies better support for users
  • Something I probably forgot to add

    Spanish Translation (from Google Translate):

    Debemos tener IceCat como el navegador web predeterminado, en lugar del actual programa genérico de "A" Web Browser. Esto se debe a:

  • El logotipo, la mascota y el nombre más distintivo
  • IceCat mantiene una lista de software libre complementos que no existe tal cosa en "Un navegador Web"
  • mucha más gente usa IceCat que nuestra versión de FF, y que implica un mejor soporte para los usuarios de
  • algo que probablemente olvidó añadir
  • Mar, 03/02/2010 - 05:17
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    I have closed this issue.

    The reasons for us not using IceCat have been discussed on the mailing list and in IRC. The two most important: IceCat installs with too many redundant dependencies that unnecessarily bloat the software, and its free plugins listing includes many links to the main Mozilla website, which makes no meaningful distinction between free and non-free addons.

    For those that prefer it, IceCat will still be available in the repos from version 3.5 on.