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The package system-config-printer-common needs to be updated for branding to Trisquel from Ubuntu.

This package provides the two files as follows:


These postscript pages are reached when printing a test page from "System -> Administration -> Printing". The giant Ubuntu logo and Ubuntu name should be changed to Trisquel's.

Dom, 01/31/2010 - 06:29

Is there any good way to edit the postscript files? Scribus only lets me import the .ps files, not save them as .ps (and when it loads them, the margins are off-center). If so, someone should tell me how and I can create a patched version myself.

sirgazil (non verificado):
Dom, 01/31/2010 - 15:48

You can import it to GIMP remove the Ubuntu part, put Trisquel instead and then save the document as PostScript file.

If you tell me where to find the Trisquel logo source files, I can modify the ps file.

Dom, 02/07/2010 - 14:09

I tried doing this myself with gimp/scribus, but I clearly do not have the gift. The original files are ~150kb, and the only decent output I could get looked quite terrible, and was closer to ~340kb while looking not good at all.

My output:

Again, not good. I did notice that in the original .ps files, each portion of the logo and each letter was its own object, which probably would greatly reduce filesize. Any takers?

Here is where you can find the logos:

Good luck!

Dom, 02/07/2010 - 19:22

I tried dong the same with both GIMP and Scribus and being disappointed.

In GIMP, the file could be modified and exported as postscript but looked terrible.

Whereas in Scribus I could edit individual objects, but re-exporting as a .ps is not an option.

If anyone knows of a program that can edit polygonal objects similar to Scribus while exporting postscript files, let us know.

Mar, 02/09/2010 - 22:39


you could try:

$ inkscape /usr/share/system-config-printer/


Xov, 02/11/2010 - 23:12

Inkscape doesn't handle PostScript.

Lun, 03/01/2010 - 00:02
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Fixed in system-config-printer-common_1.1.12+git20090826-0ubuntu8trisquel1 and equivalents for Robur and Dwyn.