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I'm a Free Software Foundation Student Associate Member since April 2011

In the 80's I knew nothing about computers.
In the early 90's I was forced to use computerized devices in my work.
In the late 90's I bought a second hand personal computer trying to understand how it worked.
I assembled a computer in 2007.
I was introduced to Barry Kauler's Puppy Operating Systems in 2008 and definitely dropped Windows in 2010.
I have only used Puppy distributions since then in my self assembled computer (Pentium 4 - Asus P5G41T-M LX3 motherboard - 2GB RAM DDR3 - optical disc drive)
I don't use hard disc drives, I boot my operting system from the optical disc drive and keep my stuff in USB flash drives. In one of them I have a md5 cheked trisquel-sugar_7.0_amd64.iso file.

Most of my computational knowledge has been extracted from the Internet (forums, articles, etc.) and I would like to keep on learning in that way.

Though unfortunately I haven't much free time to devote to computing, now my goal is to use Trisquel Sugar TOAST. Preferably in a similar way I use Puppy but booting it from a USB flash drive rather than from an optical disc drive.


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