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IssueSpammers be gone Cyberhawk972Fai 30 semanas 3 días
IssueAbrowser's source code editor (Orion) doesn't work Mampir6Fai 30 semanas 5 días
Issuecautious-launcher carries you to an ubuntu webpage Daniel Molina4Fai 37 semanas 3 días
Issue[GNU FSDG] 'Get More Tools' in 'Web Developer' submenu of Abrowser opens Firefox Add-ons website. lap4fsf8Fai 51 semanas 3 días
Forum TopicEditing Trisquel Source hyperion11Fai 2 anos 6 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 9 Needs A Name jxself71Fai 2 anos 8 semanas
IssueDefault root file system size of 10 GB too small! Dave_Hunt4Fai 2 anos 8 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Rebrand Thunderbird to Icedove or similar sudoman11Fai 2 anos 10 semanas
Forum TopicRegarding veganism onpon454Fai 2 anos 14 semanas
Forum TopicMost people hate free software calher66Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
Forum TopicIs httpseverywhere useless? SuperTramp835Fai 2 anos 23 semanas
Forum TopicWho of this community honestly runs Trisquel GNU/Linux? gnunix111Fai 2 anos 26 semanas
Forum TopicCan't get math to work in PDF calher2Fai 2 anos 28 semanas
Forum TopicQuantum kicks ass SuperTramp8366Fai 2 anos 33 semanas
Forum TopicPlease contribute to Trisquel 8! SalmanMohammadi41Fai 2 anos 34 semanas
Forum TopicWhich browser should one use if one is after stability and support for existing features? aloniv11Fai 2 anos 35 semanas
Forum TopicThat's it, I will recreate Trisquel 8! ylevental14Fai 2 anos 41 semanas
Forum Topicar9271 works on debian 9 64bit main? tonlee13Fai 2 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicHow to be free rcl28Fai 2 anos 51 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 7 is not old William556518Fai 2 anos 51 semanas
Forum Topicdeleted ext4 partition chaosmonk8Fai 3 anos 1 día
Forum TopicCan't open encrypted HDD hack and hack36Fai 3 anos 2 semanas
Forum TopicIntel AMT Davide08Fai 3 anos 4 semanas
Forum Topic The CIA has lots of ways to hack your router Jodiendo2Fai 3 anos 4 semanas
Forum TopicWhat do you think about the Non-Distros? UsernameV6Fai 3 anos 4 semanas