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Forum TopicUpdate trying to fetch from repo not in /etc/apt/source.list strypey2Fai 8 semanas 1 día
Forum Topicx60 Hanging After Entering Disk Encryption Password strypey15Fai 8 semanas 5 días
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Forum TopicRecently upgraded Trisquel 8 from 7 fails to boot, any hint? riveravaldez2Fai 47 semanas 2 días
Forum TopicTrisquel 9 IceCat? TimeFreeze4Fai 1 ano 3 días
Forum TopicAbrowser don't find loggin page stearinljus lys3Fai 1 ano 2 semanas
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Forum TopicSoftware status command jaisgossman4Fai 1 ano 9 semanas
Forum TopicNOOB question: Does https hide the prefix of an URL? GNUser5Fai 1 ano 11 semanas
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Forum Topicqemu not loading images eric232Fai 1 ano 15 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser 72.0.1 won't load after update. grimlok17Fai 1 ano 17 semanas
Forum Topicemail client - exploits - which repo programs are safe? mr.r6Fai 1 ano 18 semanas
Forum TopicProblems watching DVDs with VLC or "Videos" anatom3Fai 1 ano 18 semanas
Forum TopicUnable to boot Browneyes6Fai 1 ano 18 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser refusing to launch after a recent system upgrade strypey3Fai 1 ano 18 semanas
Forum TopicIs it safe triskool1Fai 1 ano 19 semanas
Forum TopicDisabling signature verification for Parabola packages nadebula.19842Fai 1 ano 20 semanas
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