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An ordinary guy, who likes toying with computers. Motivated by book "Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman", I moved to free software around the time Trisquel 4.0 "Taranis" got released, and never looked back. It took me around one year to learn, how to master the system. Now I am here to share my experiences, and to help others. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at any time. My native language is both Slovak, and Hungarian, but you can also talk to me in Czech, and English. These are the ways to reach me*1:

XMPP: name at domain - audio/video/chat in all the above languages except English, which is for chat only. Send me an e-mail beforehand if you would like to make a call. OTR and ZRTP client support is required (e.g. Jitsi*2).

SIP: name at domain - audio/video calls in all the above languages except English. Send me an e-mail beforehand if you would like to make a call. ZRTP client support is required (e.g. Linphone Mobile*3).

E-mail: name at domain - all the above languages. GnuPG or OpenPGP client support is required (e.g. Enigmail). My GnuPG public key fingerprint is 0494 C113 94DC 92C2 45E3  A2DC 93B5 64FB 3621 002C.

*1 Others are possible providing that the communication is fairly secure, uses an open protocol, and is fully compatible with free software
*2 The Android version is currently only working for chat. You have to use a account to contact me as it has interoperability issues with other services (this is likely due to using an experimental server-side software). You can use Conversations to contact me from your Android/Replicant device.
*3 A freed version for Android is available through F-Droid. Disable ICE before making a call otherwise it will fail.

Not f'd. You won't find me on Facebook WikiDevi, the wireless device database Trisquel Enhancement Project "Alpha"


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