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Forum TopicFlatpak repo for just libre software? t3g11Fai 40 semanas 2 días
IncidenciaAbrowserHome has been disabled in Abrowser due to Extension Signing akfoss4Fai 45 semanas 1 día
Forum Topici'm Thinking about doing a free software Community(Forum) alimiracle33Fai 4 anos 26 semanas
Forum TopicPaquets conservés non mis à jour dans le terminal Sisco36Fai 5 anos 36 semanas
Forum TopicDevelopment of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" Software proposal by category : Graphics Mangy Dog24Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Forum TopicHello world Abdullah Ramazanoglu65Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Forum Topicublock can replace other addons? tonlee5Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
Forum TopicJust a friendly reminder that Trisquel 7.0 is not outdated albertoefg22Fai 5 anos 50 semanas
Forum Topic Trisquel boycott by Libreboot Arder31Fai 5 anos 51 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel repository in Debian GNUbahn7Fai 6 anos 2 semanas
Forum Topic2 critiques d'un bloggeur : La gNewSense 4 et La Parabola Mangy Dog24Fai 6 anos 2 semanas
Forum TopicWhat OS were you using when you switched to Trisquel? pragmatist28Fai 6 anos 10 semanas
Forum TopicHaven't had any software updates for a while sanchezman32Fai 6 anos 19 semanas
Forum TopicInformation about publishing my project. a_slacker_here11Fai 6 anos 22 semanas
Forum TopicHow to sync lighting Calendars Trisk Spellian3Fai 6 anos 24 semanas
Forum TopicCDE -- Common Desktop Environment loldier35Fai 6 anos 25 semanas
Forum TopicUnable to send attachments through Ice Dove Trisk Spellian12Fai 6 anos 26 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser version on Trisquel 6 martinh15Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
Forum TopicWhat's your favorite not-so-famous application on Trisquel? albertoefg35Fai 6 anos 29 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser getting behind on updates Ark741Fai 6 anos 29 semanas
Forum TopicPasser de Ubuntu à Trisquel Naone59Fai 6 anos 31 semanas
Forum TopicIcedove version 38.4.0-1-deb7u1+7.0trisquel2 fails to connect to OpenMailBox.org's IMAP and POP3 servers ADFENO54Fai 6 anos 31 semanas
Forum TopicAnybody else mail bombed by Trisquel? Ignacio.Agullo10Fai 6 anos 32 semanas
IncidenciaForum/mailing list link is broken oysterboy4Fai 6 anos 32 semanas
Forum TopicWill Firefox replace Abrowser in Trisquel 8? oysterboy6Fai 6 anos 36 semanas