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IssueAbrowser and Icecat show the Firefox logo on about:accounts PaulK1Fai 5 anos 24 semanas
IssueNo background when disabling Icons on Desktop in gnome-tweak-tool PaulK3Fai 6 anos 1 semana
IssueKDE and Ubuntu-studio miss Trisquel branding PaulK2Fai 6 anos 22 semanas
IssueUnable to boot the live system media in EFI mode PaulK3Fai 6 anos 31 semanas
IssueHelp packages are installed in many languages and take a lot of space PaulK0Fai 6 anos 33 semanas
IssueNo splash on EFI boot, no Trisquel theme on GRUB menu PaulK1Fai 6 anos 33 semanas
IssueInstallation fails in EFI mode due to missing grub-efi-amd64-signed PaulK1Fai 6 anos 33 semanas
Issueevolution-data-server-goa cannot be installed PaulK0Fai 6 anos 35 semanas
Issuegedit sometimes makes the cursor disappear PaulK5Fai 6 anos 36 semanas
Issueglitches in the Trisquel theme PaulK14Fai 6 anos 39 semanas
Issuerhymthmbox notifications appear as warning popups PaulK2Fai 6 anos 45 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 7 iso, gstreamer broken PaulK1Fai 6 anos 48 semanas
Forum TopicReplicant ? shokin35Fai 7 anos 17 semanas
Issue(Usually?) No boot splash on trisquel PaulK8Fai 8 anos 15 semanas
IssueInclude avidemux in the Trisquel repos PaulK3Fai 8 anos 30 semanas
Forum Topicpas de wifi yls1Fai 9 anos 15 semanas
Forum Topicbonjour nouveau sur Trisquel tuxoli1Fai 9 anos 15 semanas
IssueWeb Browser: selecting "Show my home page" reverts to "Show my Windows and Tabs from last time." on restart. BinaryDigit7Fai 9 anos 31 semanas
Forum TopicInstallation de programmes Frezi7Fai 9 anos 33 semanas
Forum TopicImplémenter le "tout en un" de Ubuntu (Idée 1) Bix11Fai 9 anos 33 semanas
Forum TopicMembre FSF/Trisquel Ankou21Fai 9 anos 37 semanas
Forum TopicPetite discussion autour de "Flash" Saor In Aisce11Fai 9 anos 38 semanas
Forum TopicAsUs Eee Pc Frankiewizard2Fai 9 anos 44 semanas
Forum TopicAutres environnements Saor In Aisce5Fai 9 anos 48 semanas
IssueError while sending message to the trisquel-utilisateurs list PaulK1Fai 9 anos 49 semanas