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I am a musician, educator, and free software advocate. I do many, many things, and some of it can be found at http://www.devinulibarri.com/Bio.html

I use a Taurinus X200 with LibreBoot, and sometimes (i.e. in emergencies) I use a liberated MacBook Pro (no Mac OS), which is the computer whose original OS betrayed me, which made me ask the question "Why is my computer telling me what to do?"

I read up on the GNU project, and I found what I was looking for.

I am especially passionate about bringing free software into education.

I am the co-creator of "Music Blocks" software (https://www.musicblocks.net), together with Walter Bender of SugarLabs (as well as the many students who have made contributions--thanks!)

Languages: I speak Japanese (日本語も分かります)


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