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Forum TopicNo logro bajar programas y no sé qué pasa! vivi112 giorni 5 ore fa
Issueabrowser and icecat arrow keys enumerate links instead of scrolling the page. adamvy82 giorni 15 ore fa
Forum TopicForward: Triskel 10.0 (beta) capable to install and boot damidu685 giorni 4 ore fa
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IssueNonfree firmware blobs in kernel source package Legimet101 settimana 1 giorno fa
IssueRemove 9wm from purge list Legimet41 settimana 1 giorno fa
Forum TopicTrisquel 9.0 Mate cannot update! GeorgeK101 settimana 2 giorni fa
Issue"If it ain't broke . . . why upgrade?" sololocolobo21 settimana 3 giorni fa
Issueproguard not working with java-8 GNUtoo31 settimana 6 giorni fa
IssueInstalling fai-server makes Trisquel become Ubuntu by changing /etc/apt/sources.list GNUtoo61 settimana 6 giorni fa
IssueKernel Is Not Being Appropriately Deblobbed jxself41 settimana 6 giorni fa
IssueTrisquel says "Ubuntu" in the boot when Korean language selected hexagonwin21 settimana 6 giorni fa
Forum Topicproblemas con libgccjit en Trisquel 9 Jaefra71 settimana 6 giorni fa
Forum TopicSustituyendo SystemD frank1408199791 settimana 6 giorni fa
Forum TopicEtiona flash drive cannot access any mirror amenex52 settimane 4 giorni fa
Forum TopicActualizar repositorios de Trisquel patch222 settimane 6 giorni fa
Forum TopicOTPClient Replacement on Trisquel 9 PublicLewdness124 settimane 2 giorni fa
Forum TopicLibreOffice Update v6 to v7 Andy154 settimane 5 giorni fa
Forum Topic¿Qué VPN prefierén utilizar? n3zuk0girl95 settimane 1 giorno fa
Forum TopicLibreOffice - LibreWriter no Dictionary-SpellCheck Andy116 settimane 6 giorni fa
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