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IssueList of Abrowser & Icecat issues andrew293 anni 4 settimane fa
Forum TopicI'm leaving Trisquel Mzee1224 anni 42 settimane fa
Forum TopicTrisquel 8 is almost 6 months late. Do something. Anything. t3g54 anni 50 settimane fa
IssueCritical security vunerability: Update to pidgin-otr to version 4.0.2 G4JC14 anni 50 settimane fa
Forum TopicSaying Good-bye to Windows grimlok195 anni 25 settimane fa
IssueThe forum exposes my email address (accounts page says it will not be made public) lembas155 anni 26 settimane fa
Forum TopicTweak your browser to enhance security and privacy pizzaiolo176 anni 10 settimane fa
IssuePackage: Slingshot is corrupt G4JC36 anni 11 settimane fa
IssueTrisquel defaults to using google's name servers lembas86 anni 11 settimane fa
Forum TopicLibertyBSD - OpenBSD minus the blobs alimiracle1216 anni 13 settimane fa
Forum Topiconline-shopping with tor? torify everything? quantumgravity226 anni 18 settimane fa
IssueaBrowser still phones home to mozilla for ad snippets G4JC56 anni 20 settimane fa
IssueAbrowser - Link to Firefox Marketplace ssdclickofdeath56 anni 20 settimane fa
Add-onuBlock G4JC06 anni 24 settimane fa
Forum TopicReddit will be giving 10% of their ad revenue to charities based on user voting. Make sure you vote! G4JC176 anni 28 settimane fa
Forum TopicEncrypted offsite backup - a question oysterboy96 anni 28 settimane fa
Forum Topiccan you get i2p on raspberry pi and use computer to access? tonlee66 anni 30 settimane fa
Forum TopicI want to change my email address, but it seems impossible alimiracle66 anni 30 settimane fa
Forum Topicgoogle analytics everywhere a_slacker_here136 anni 30 settimane fa
Forum TopicThe Need for Free and Open HardDrive firmware G4JC96 anni 30 settimane fa
Forum Topicremember the Samsung Galaxy backdoor? muhammed56 anni 30 settimane fa
Forum TopicHow to enable bluetooth? pogiako12345166 anni 31 settimane fa
Forum TopicMy family has smart TVs and I am scared. YoHooComics486 anni 31 settimane fa
Forum TopicOver 300 businesses now whitelisted on AdBlock HuangLao226 anni 32 settimane fa
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