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Forum Topici'm Thinking about doing a free software Community(Forum) alimiracle341 anno 24 settimane fa
Forum TopicPaquets conservés non mis à jour dans le terminal Sisco362 anni 34 settimane fa
Forum TopicDevelopment of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" Software proposal by category : Graphics Mangy Dog242 anni 45 settimane fa
Forum TopicHello world Abdullah Ramazanoglu652 anni 46 settimane fa
Forum Topicublock can replace other addons? tonlee52 anni 47 settimane fa
Forum TopicJust a friendly reminder that Trisquel 7.0 is not outdated albertoefg242 anni 47 settimane fa
Forum Topic Trisquel boycott by Libreboot Arder312 anni 49 settimane fa
Forum TopicTrisquel repository in Debian GNUbahn73 anni 2 giorni fa
Forum Topic2 critiques d'un bloggeur : La gNewSense 4 et La Parabola Mangy Dog263 anni 5 giorni fa
Forum TopicWhat OS were you using when you switched to Trisquel? pragmatist343 anni 8 settimane fa
Forum TopicHaven't had any software updates for a while sanchezman763 anni 16 settimane fa
Forum TopicInformation about publishing my project. a_slacker_here123 anni 20 settimane fa
Forum TopicHow to sync lighting Calendars Trisk Spellian33 anni 21 settimane fa
Forum TopicCDE -- Common Desktop Environment loldier693 anni 23 settimane fa
Forum Topicwhat are we reading right now? root_vegetable363 anni 24 settimane fa
Forum TopicUnable to send attachments through Ice Dove Trisk Spellian123 anni 24 settimane fa
Forum TopicAbrowser version on Trisquel 6 martinh173 anni 25 settimane fa
Forum TopicAn Introduction, and a few questions freedom.seeker663 anni 26 settimane fa
Forum TopicWhat's your favorite not-so-famous application on Trisquel? albertoefg363 anni 27 settimane fa
Forum TopicAbrowser getting behind on updates Ark7423 anni 27 settimane fa
Forum Topic"Ubuntu LTS: Many vulnerabilities despite long-term support" root_vegetable183 anni 28 settimane fa
Forum TopicPasser de Ubuntu à Trisquel Naone593 anni 29 settimane fa
Forum TopicIcedove version 38.4.0-1-deb7u1+7.0trisquel2 fails to connect to OpenMailBox.org's IMAP and POP3 servers ADFENO543 anni 29 settimane fa
Forum TopicAnybody else mail bombed by Trisquel? Ignacio.Agullo103 anni 29 settimane fa
IssueForum/mailing list link is broken oysterboy43 anni 30 settimane fa