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IssueUbiquity waits infinitely for repo servers when testing connections marioger257 anni 48 settimane fa
IssueKDE Doesn't Show Bottom of Applications kete77 anni 50 settimane fa
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Forum TopicWhich free software to use for peer-to-peer and torrent ? shokin118 anni 1 settimana fa
IssueMachine hangs when trying to reboot oysterboy78 anni 2 settimane fa
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IssueProblem with sound on some cards aliasbody48 anni 5 settimane fa
Forum TopicOS X screenshots in wiki? ssdclickofdeath118 anni 7 settimane fa
Forum TopicHas Unity Search Spyware been removed from Trisquel? ssdclickofdeath68 anni 7 settimane fa
IssuePlease update atheros-firmware package t3g28 anni 7 settimane fa
Forum TopicEmacs 24 riddled38 anni 7 settimane fa
Issueeject -i1 doesn't work (disable cd hardware eject button) lembas38 anni 7 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD] Miro suggests non-free software fchmmr88 anni 9 settimane fa
Forum TopicDormant non-free software. roboq688 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueForum making duplicate posts lembas28 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueUpgeading abrowser not possible with the metapackage trisquel-gnome-base-recommended thezub28 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueNo text-mode installation on newest Trisquel Live CDs (at least on x86_64) teodorescup58 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueCan't install unity cco348 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueGraphical installer wireless connection icons mostly hidden Stumbles28 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueTotem --pause causes segfault lembas68 anni 11 settimane fa
Issue(Atheros - AR2425) Not responding -- PARTIAL SOLUTION blackbit28 anni 11 settimane fa
IssueNo funciona la instalacion nicoman58 anni 11 settimane fa
Issuelockscreen does not work Marcus38 anni 11 settimane fa
Issuehardware configuration rejected Martin_Rolston28 anni 12 settimane fa
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