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Issue[GFSD Issue] XChat refers to a non-free browser in its URL handlers. SirGrant116 anni 3 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Source package psutils contains a non-free file SirGrant86 anni 4 settimane fa
Issueabrowser - "Adobe Acrobat Document" -> "PDF Document" pcgaldo26 anni 4 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Compizconfig-settings-manager recomends non-free software as a workaround (fglrx) PFDrew116 anni 4 settimane fa
IssueSupport for GMA500 bodhi.zazen46 anni 5 settimane fa
IssuePlease Make A VPN Network Popup Notification DasFox36 anni 5 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD] Freeware in ruby1.8 (Toutatis and Belenos) and ruby1.9.1 (Toutatis) anonymous66 anni 5 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package debian-reference references non-free software software repos SirGrant116 anni 8 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Non-free file in package Ax25pyd SirGrant76 anni 8 settimane fa
Issue[Packaging Request] Darkice AinaruX56 anni 10 settimane fa
Issue[Packaging Request] root-system version above 5.32 anonymous56 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueExaile windows does not restore when restoring from taskbar grave_12346 anni 10 settimane fa
Issuecminpack included non-free source. mejiko36 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueGnujump Matsetes56 anni 10 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Non-free file in package ax25-apps SirGrant96 anni 10 settimane fa
Issue[broken-dependency] mplayer-gui fabio76 anni 10 settimane fa
Issue[Packaging Request] ddccontrol ivaylo76 anni 10 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Calibre quick start guide recommends non-free software lembas216 anni 11 settimane fa
IssuePackage gkermit describes ckermit as non-free lembas176 anni 11 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Emacs nonfree versions aklis146 anni 11 settimane fa
IssueFSDG Picard references plugins with unknown licence Kevin J. Fletcher76 anni 11 settimane fa
IssueNavegador Midori apunta a artwork de ubuntu nicoman36 anni 12 settimane fa
IssueKeyboard LED Applet doesn't show Caps Lock trinux26 anni 12 settimane fa
Issue"apt-get autoremove" offers removal of ecryptfs-utils after installing Trisquel with user's directory encryption. Daniel Molina46 anni 12 settimane fa
IssueStill some problems with splash and Radeon card flop36 anni 12 settimane fa