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IssueUbuntu slide show for OEM installations headmastersquall26 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueUnity and Unity-2D uses Ubuntu logo hamwise36 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueKDE and Ubuntu-studio miss Trisquel branding PaulK26 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueDebian logo is used in minidlna MagicFab26 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueUbuntu and Debian related strings in epiphany-browser ivaylo36 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueRemove 'trusty' string from Synaptic akfoss76 anni 28 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD] Cacti includes non-free Javascript leny201046 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueInclude cert for lembas36 anni 29 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] yforth (license (fixed upstream)/word to avoid) lembas136 anni 29 settimane fa
IssueDisabled 'referer' in Abrowser breaks some logins, including akfoss46 anni 30 settimane fa
IssueAbrowser looks ugly in KDE Legimet116 anni 30 settimane fa
IssueCover art for 7 says LTS on front, STS on back lembas56 anni 30 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package 'earcandy' mentions proprietary software lembas106 anni 31 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Possible bad relation between proprietary software and text-to-speech GNOME packages. anonymous196 anni 33 settimane fa
Issue lxdm-binary load 100% cpu Mzee66 anni 35 settimane fa
IssueNo Security Updates Legimet86 anni 38 settimane fa
IssuePlease allow/add packages derived from source package mjpegtools into the repo amrprznu86 anni 38 settimane fa
IssueBash security bug ivaylo86 anni 38 settimane fa
IssueGimp quits unexpectedly when using the text editor. dcapeletti36 anni 39 settimane fa
Issuetrisquel-recommended depends on icecat, which isn't available pehjota46 anni 39 settimane fa
Issue'Ubuntu 14.04 LTS' string and 'Ubuntu GNOME' logo in details section akfoss66 anni 39 settimane fa
Issuetrisquel 6.0 GNU/linux has proposed to install the nonfree codec antropiy36 anni 39 settimane fa
IssueBad rabbitvcs-nautilus extension jpillon36 anni 39 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Hedgewars "tip" contains free software "language problems" and discusses use use of non-free software SirGrant166 anni 39 settimane fa
IssueInstall via USB not working Ra96 anni 41 settimane fa