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Issuecautious-launcher carries you to an ubuntu webpage Daniel Molina41 settimana 5 giorni fa
IssueBalazar seg faults on execution grave_12341 settimana 5 giorni fa
IssueSpammers be gone Cyberhawk97339 settimane 2 giorni fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package konqueror recommends the use of nonfree software SirGrant71 anno 8 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Rebrand Thunderbird to Icedove or similar sudoman111 anno 27 settimane fa
IssueThe addons list needs some lovin' lembas181 anno 29 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] texlive-base-bin tiene un guión que descarga fuentes no libres de Adobe trinux71 anno 35 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] GNOME 3 Desktop Guide suggests non-free software andrew211 anno 37 settimane fa
IssueList of FSDG issues (7.0 Version) SirGrant103 anni 2 settimane fa
IssueList of FSDG issues (6.0 Version) SirGrant123 anni 12 settimane fa
IssueList of branding issues SirGrant183 anni 28 settimane fa
IssueThe forum exposes my email address (accounts page says it will not be made public) lembas153 anni 38 settimane fa
IssueCreate a kernel-backports repository Trisquel44 anni 2 giorni fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package boinc downloads nonfree apps lembas224 anni 11 settimane fa
IssueUpdate manager reports updates of packages 404 on the mirror lembas84 anni 12 settimane fa
IssueAbrowser problem in version 39 to open url dcapeletti104 anni 13 settimane fa
IssueMounted volume Icons are not automatically displayed in default desktop enviornment lap4fsf104 anni 14 settimane fa
IssueGitlab uses term opensource and not free software SirGrant04 anni 16 settimane fa
Issue"firefox" dumb package stops the upgrade show for untechy users David_Hedlund94 anni 16 settimane fa
Issueno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory Marcus94 anni 19 settimane fa
IssueSongwrite gets struct.error when starting grave_12374 anni 21 settimane fa
IssueRemove add-on (flashvideoreplacer) SirGrant24 anni 22 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] XChat refers to a non-free browser in its URL handlers. SirGrant114 anni 22 settimane fa
Issue[GFSD Issue] Source package psutils contains a non-free file SirGrant84 anni 23 settimane fa
Issueabrowser - "Adobe Acrobat Document" -> "PDF Document" pcgaldo24 anni 23 settimane fa