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ProblemaSpammers be gone Cyberhawk97327 settimane 16 ore fa
Problemaabout:rights has a bad format Daniel Molina730 settimane 3 giorni fa
Problema[GFSD Issue] Package konqueror recommends the use of nonfree software SirGrant937 settimane 5 giorni fa
Problemacautious-launcher carries you to an ubuntu webpage Daniel Molina537 settimane 5 giorni fa
ProblemaInclude GNU LibreJS by default with abrowser SirGrant838 settimane 1 giorno fa
ProblemaTranslations organization Matsetes91 anno 9 settimane fa
Problema[Packaging Request] MythTV aloniv22 anni 38 settimane fa
Problemavirtualbox-ose suggesting non-free recommendations (Guest Additions) icarious82 anni 38 settimane fa
ProblemaAbrowser's source code editor (Orion) doesn't work Mampir62 anni 38 settimane fa
ProblemaBalazar seg faults on execution grave_12342 anni 45 settimane fa
Problema[GFSD Issue] Rebrand Thunderbird to Icedove or similar sudoman114 anni 18 settimane fa
ProblemaThe addons list needs some lovin' lembas184 anni 20 settimane fa
Problema[GFSD Issue] GNOME 3 Desktop Guide suggests non-free software andrew214 anni 28 settimane fa
ProblemaList of FSDG issues (7.0 Version) SirGrant105 anni 46 settimane fa
ProblemaList of FSDG issues (6.0 Version) SirGrant126 anni 3 settimane fa
ProblemaList of branding issues SirGrant186 anni 19 settimane fa
ProblemaThe forum exposes my email address (accounts page says it will not be made public) lembas156 anni 29 settimane fa
ProblemaCreate a kernel-backports repository Trisquel46 anni 43 settimane fa
Problema[GFSD Issue] Package boinc downloads nonfree apps lembas227 anni 2 settimane fa
ProblemaUpdate manager reports updates of packages 404 on the mirror lembas87 anni 3 settimane fa
ProblemaAbrowser problem in version 39 to open url dcapeletti107 anni 4 settimane fa
ProblemaMounted volume Icons are not automatically displayed in default desktop enviornment lap4fsf107 anni 5 settimane fa
ProblemaGitlab uses term opensource and not free software SirGrant07 anni 7 settimane fa
Problema"firefox" dumb package stops the upgrade show for untechy users David_Hedlund97 anni 8 settimane fa
Problemano talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory Marcus97 anni 10 settimane fa