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Forum TopicThoughts on current available browsers? Both for Trisquel, and for android/replicant GrevenGull11 week 3 days ago
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Issueblack screen after installation via text installer chaosmonk336 weeks 4 days ago
IssueUnable to install YouTube Browser for SMPlayer GrevenGull236 weeks 4 days ago
IssueAbrowser lists Amazon, Twitter and Google as suggestions to default search engine. GrevenGull136 weeks 4 days ago
IssueRequesting more options for the "Popup Notifications" GrevenGull336 weeks 4 days ago
Issuevarious browsers guide users toward proprietary JavaScript chaosmonk436 weeks 4 days ago
IssueUbuntu Browser crashes at startup GrevenGull336 weeks 4 days ago
IssueRekonq browser crashed at startup GrevenGull236 weeks 4 days ago
Forum TopicWhat's wrong with Lineage OS, if there is any? GrevenGull2051 weeks 5 days ago
Forum TopicHow to get black font on the names of items on the desktop wallpaper/background? GrevenGull11 year 6 weeks ago
Forum Topicyoutube-dl error: "WARNING: unable to download video info webpage: HTTP Error 404: Not Found" GrevenGull121 year 11 weeks ago
Forum TopicHave you had any sort of experience with any version of Trisquel and a gaming motherboard? Bubo191 year 15 weeks ago
Forum TopicAMD and libre drivers lanun181 year 16 weeks ago
Forum TopicWhat does the hardware switch labeled "1" and "2" on the PCB of my GPU do? GrevenGull111 year 20 weeks ago
Forum TopicNew Laptop Thread! GrevenGull101 year 20 weeks ago
Forum TopicJami vs Wire vs other programs like that GrevenGull181 year 20 weeks ago
Forum TopicAny updates on Trisquel compatibility with Raptor Computing? GrevenGull31 year 32 weeks ago
Forum Topicthe FSF giving guide guides users toward non-free software chaosmonk531 year 34 weeks ago
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Forum TopicSwisscows private internet search engine andyprough111 year 36 weeks ago
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Forum TopicTips for live streaming GrevenGull141 year 37 weeks ago