How to Help

You can help the Trisquel project in many ways and you don't need programming skills for most of them.

  • Become a Trisquel Associate member. Help the project with a recurring donation (minimum 5€/month) to support the financial health and development of the project.
  • Spread Trisquel. Invite others to join our community. Talk about free software at school and at work. Write about your experiences with Trisquel on your blog or social network.
  • Review software freedom. We strive to distribute and recommend only free software. We serve thousands of packages, so it can be a challenge sometimes. Help us meet these Guidelines by reviewing package content and licenses.
  • Seed our torrents. If you have a good network connection with some spare upload bandwidth, you can seed our torrents to speed up .iso downloads.
  • Serve as a mirror. You can serve our files, if your company or university has a public software mirror, or you have a high bandwidth server available. We'll add you to our download page.
  • Add resources to our website. We host a list of free Mozilla extensions. You can add more; just log in and start editing. (Be sure to add only those with free licenses and which provide a link to the source code. If you cannot locate the source code, please do not include the addon.) There are also a lot of existing addons which may need editing.
  • List your hardware at and evaluate how well the various components work with free software.
  • Become a Trisquel developer. If you have programming, sysadmin or packaging skills, get in touch!

Community driven tasks

Trisquel users often send us their ideas for improving our operating system. These ideas are usually very good, and we're always grateful for them. But we don't always have time to implement as many of these as we would like. If you have the skills to carry improvements from ideas (including your own) to finished product, get in touch!

Some examples of requests we cannot fulfill:

  • I'd like the package foobar to be in the repository. Please submit these upstream (Debian/Ubuntu).
  • I want a $usage oriented version of the distro.
  • I want the foo package translated to the bar language.
  • I want this version of foo to be updated/backported.

If you can spend some time on such a task, please join the development mailing list. Tell us about your project on the list. We can give you advice, and we will include your work in Trisquel when it's finished.

Other free software

Helping other free software projects also helps Trisquel, because we incorporate our software from many sources.


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