Install Trisquel as a Server

This tutorial demonstrates how to install Trisquel GNU/Linux as a server.

For this we will use the 30MB Trisquel NetInstall disc, and install only the packages necessary to have a fully customized Trisquel server running.

Get the ISO

This step is quite simple, you can download the image from here:

Don't forget to select Trisquel NetInstall. If your computer supports x86-64 (64-bit) then it's recommended that you select this option for better performance.

After this just follow one of the tutorials below (as an example) in order to burn the image and start the installation of Trisquel :

The Installation

This is the most important part since we are going to install Trisquel on the hard drive. In this example the entire space of the hard drive will be used, but you can adjust it as you wish.

Before you start, you should make sure the data on the target machine has a backup copy. See Backup Files Quickly and Easily.

1. Start the installation

Trisquel Server 1.png

2. Select your language

Trisquel Server 2.png

3. Select your country

Trisquel Server 3.png

4. Press Yes to configure the keyboard layout

Trisquel Server 4.png

5. Press the keys that appear on your screen until your keyboard is found

Trisquel Server 5.png

6. When your keyboard layout is found just press Continue.

Since I have a Portuguese Keyboard (pt) it is normal to see "pt" appearing instead of "us" for example.

Trisquel Server 6.png

7. Enter the hostname for your system (the name that will appear on the network)

Trisquel Server 8.png

8. Choose the closest country mirror

Trisquel Server 9.png

9. Press Enter over the mirror you want (in that country)

Trisquel Server 10.png

10. If your network is behind a proxy then type your proxy information. Else, hit Enter

Trisquel Server 11.png

11. A blank "Loading" screen will appear, which may take some time

Trisquel Server 12.png

12. After the "Loading" screen there will be a screen for additional components (just let it work)

Trisquel Server 13.png

13. Confirm your timezone

Trisquel Server 14.png

14. Partition the disk (in this example we will use the entire disk)

Trisquel Server 15.png

15. Select the disk you want to partition

Trisquel Server 16.png

16. A swap partition and an ext4 partition will be created. Hit Enter

Trisquel Server 17.png

17. The partition will be created and the installation of the base system will begin

Trisquel Server 18.png

18. Select a kernel

You should use the linux-generic kernel (or linux-generic-pae if you're using a x86 System with PAE support). In Trisquel 6.0 Toutatis you can choose the generic image; in previous versions, it's recommended to choose the server image.

Trisquel Server 19.png

19. The installation of the kernel (and the rest of the system) will begin

Trisquel Server 20.png

20. Type the full name of the user and hit Enter

Trisquel Server 21.png

21. Type the username of the new user and hit Enter

Trisquel Server 22.png

22. Type the password for the user account and hit Enter

Trisquel Server 23.png

23. Re-type the password for the user account and hit Enter

Trisquel Server 24.png

24. You can choose encrypt your home directory

Keep in mind that if you forget or lose your password, your data will be irrecoverable.

Trisquel Server 25.png

25. The latest packages available will be downloaded and installed (there is no need to update after the installation)

Trisquel Server 26.png

26. Choose the update management of your system

It is recommended to select the Automatic option if you don't want to manually install updates.

Trisquel Server 27_0.png

27. Choose what packages you want to install

In this example only the Trisquel Console Environment is selected. Other packages can be selected, such as GLAMP (GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and OpenSSH.

Trisquel Server 28_0.png

28. Select your email server configuration

As a web server, if you want to use the mail account anywhere select the "Internet Site" options.

Here are the available options:

  • No configuration:
    • Should be chosen to leave the current configuration unchanged.
  • Internet Site:
    • Mail is sent and received directly using SMTP.
  • Internet with smarthost:
    • Mail is received directly using SMTP or by running a utility such as fetchmail. Outgoing mail is sent using a smarthost.
  • Satellite System:
    • All mail is sent to another machine, called a 'smarthost', for delivery.
  • Local only:
    • The only delivered mail is the mail for local users. There is no network.

Trisquel Server 29_0.png

29. Type the System mail name

Trisquel Server 30_0.png

30. Select "Yes" to install GRUB (in order to start Trisquel when the computer starts)

Trisquel Server 31.png

31. GRUB will be installed and the installation will proceed

Trisquel Server 32.png Trisquel Server 33.png

32. Confirm the system clock (UTC is recommended)

Trisquel Server 34.png

33. The installation is finished!

Just hit Enter and remove the CD or USB drive you used to install Trisquel, otherwise the installation will restart when the computer starts again.

Trisquel Server 35.png

And that's it. You have now a freshly installed Trisquel GNU/Linux (with only the Console Environment) that we will use as a server.

You can go back to the Server Page in order to continue with the configurations.

Possible issues

Black screen when booting Trisquel Console Environment

This is a bug. To solve this you just need to press ALT + F2 and you will see the login screen.


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