Bug report in the right place?

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I'm on Trisquel8, and have tried to use a printer I have used before
with other GNU/LINUX operating systems without problems.
Because I can't use it with Trisquel8 I have traveled the following path
up to its end:
Trisquel's Main Menu/System/Administration/Printers/Printers-localhost→Help/Troubleshoot/

There I have found a window with the following text:

There is no obvious solution to this problem. Your answers have been
colleted together with other useful information. If you would like to
report a bug, please include this information.
Diagnostic Output (Advanced)
Page 1 ():
{'cups_connection_failure': False}
Page 2 ():
{'cups_dests_available': [('Generic-text-only', None)],
'cups_queue_listed': False}
Page 3 ():
{'printer_is_remote': False}
Page 4 ():
{'cups_device_attributes': {'device-class': 'direct',
'device-id': 'MFG:Canon;CMD:BJL,HAPS,BSCCe,PLI;MDL:iP1800 '
'series;CLS:PRINTER;DES:Canon iP1800 '
'device-info': 'Canon iP1800 series',
'device-make-and-model': 'Canon iP1800 series'},
'cups_device_listed': True,
'cups_device_uri': 'usb://Canon/iP1800%20series?serial=8D8ECD'}
Page 5 ():
{'printer_page_size': None,
'system_locale_lang': None,
'user_locale_ctype': 'en_US',
'user_locale_messages': 'en_US'}

I hope I have posted this in the right place and that it will help other users
and me to solve this problem.

Is there any other solution?

Thank you in advance.

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Open your browser, go to URL localhost:631 and set up your printer.

Screenshot at 2019-11-25 09-03-16.png Screenshot at 2019-11-25 09-03-44.png Screenshot at 2019-11-25 09-03-51.png Screenshot at 2019-11-25 09-04-10.png
Joined: 02/07/2017

Thank you for your help :-)
I will use the data in your post as a basis for my next steps.