Communicating to computer illiterates who use proprietary software

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At least for the last decade I have only used GNU-LINUX programs and Gnumeric has been one that has given me the most satisfaction. I'm using Flidas almost since it was launched.

Now I need to share some of the data I keep on Gnumeric spreadsheets with people whose computing knowledge is even less than mine and most probably are only using Microsoft (and less probably Apple) software

The only way they can receive this information is through email attachments and I want to make the procedure of opening and reading them as simple as possible for the receivers.

I have thought of using the Gnumeric 1.12.28 "Save as" option, choosing the ISO/IEC 29500-2008 & ECMA 376 2nd edition (2008); [MS Excel™ 2010] "File type" and saving the data as files with the .xlsx extension before attaching them to the emails I must send.

Is it highly likely I will achieve my goal using this procedure?

Is there a simpler procedure?

Thank you in advance

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Saving your spreadsheets as Microsoft OOXML (.xlsx) format defeats all your efforts to promote free software. By doing so, you make it even more difficult for your audience to switch to free/libre software. Keep in mind that sending proprietary format files is always the worst practice, because this forces your recipients to use non-free software to read your files.

Saving your spreadsheets as OpenDocument (.ods or .fods) format is much better. Sometimes I send multiple formats, e.g. both ODF and PDF, but never MS OOXML.