I want to learn how to manage data bases with libre software

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Hi everyone, how are you?

I'd like to start learning about the administration of small, simple data bases, following a practical approach, i.e., I don't want to learn just theory about DB and the software used to manage them, but I want to learn the whole cycle, from the theory about designing of the data base, to the deployment and the elaboration of GUI for letting the people with no knowledge on the topic, to enter data, as well as to generate queries and reports.

What I have in mind is to be able of design, deploy and manage, as well as to teach how to manage, small and simple data bases applied to the protection of the environment using GIS in small communities in South America. I'm not interested in complex systems multiuser with remote access: a local database managed by one person, ready to be used by nono-specialist people (in local too), in order to enter and query information seems to be enough for me at this point. However, even if the data bases themselves are going to be simple, it's quite desirable the posibility of including multimedia in the databases: images, audio and video.

Taking into account the foregoing requierements, I'd like to ask your kind help about the topic; specifically, as I have red, I think I need:

1. A program to manage the database (following my online research, SQLiteStudio + SpatiaLite could be what I need).

2. One or several programs used to make the GUI used for the people to enter and query or generate reports. As far as I've red, SQLite is able to manage BLOB data type, which will let me to ingress multimedia files (I already did succesfully the test with images in SpatiaLite), but I don't know what program would let me to access to the multimedia files in order to query or to generate reporta. I tested two GIS programas (QGIS and gvSIG) but they don't understand the BLOB field.

3. Documentation about relational data base design and about the use of the programs mentioned in the numerals 1 and 2: books, tutorials, videos, courses, etc. The most important thing for me now is to follow a practical approach, as I mentioned above.

The documentation could be in English, Castilian, Portuguese or French. By the way, please excuse my English mistakes.

I indeed appreciate your kind suggestions, your time and your attention.

Libre hugs for all of you.


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For data entry, what about LibreOffice Base?

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+1 LibreOffice Base

It was my first entry to GNU/Linux, LibreOffice and Databases.

As a lawyer I managed all my clients and cases with it. It was a rather pleasant experience. It was easy and I am mexican and english is my second language.

I learned a lot with The Frugal Computer Guy. He teaches LibreOffice (all of it) and some other nice thins of software libre. Like GNU/Linux, Stellarium, Thunderbird, etc. All tutorials are very practical and easy to follow. You can also watch the things you need and skip some others. Titles are great so you know exactly what happens in each video.

He has a Youtube channel and a website. I link the Base tutorial and the website:




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Hello alejandro_blue,

this is a very specific topic, GIS is something I personally never dealt with... But managing databases sounds like a very "tame" thing, it sounds like there would be lot's of great options with free libre software.

A quick look at wikipedia reveals, there are many projects devloping GIS software under a GNU GPL license:

* OpenJUMP

Btw., grass-gis and qgis are both in trisquel repository, so things are looking good.