I'm veryyyyy afraid of the future of GNU/Linux and world of free/libre softwares

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Sorry this isn't a topic related about Trisquel.
Have you heard the latest MicroF*** news about WSL and bring GNU/Linux to windows?
In addition, they plan to use the Linux kernel in windows.
What about Steam(Valve Corporation) and proton service?
Edge browser came to GNU/Linux...
What is going to happen? non-free softwares is added to GNU/Linux every day and unfortunately most people use them.
To be honest, I don't imagine a good future for the world of free software.
I think microf**** intends to swallow and destroy GNU/Linux.
They destroyed github and they will definitely continue on their way...
You still remember this sentence:
Ballmer: 'Linux is a cancer'.
So what happened that microf**** fell in love with GNU/Linux!!!
What do you think? Thanks in advance for all the messages...

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Surely Microsoft has to embrace Linux kernel, because its NT kernel is broken beyond repair.

Maybe Gates and/or Ballmer said that "Linux (sic) is cancer." But what they really mean was that "GNU (GPL) is cancer."

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I try not to worry about what software other people use or do as I have zero control over it. I do have worries though. My main concern is about graphics cards myself. We have options for open source CPUs such as the Power9 models but for GPUs we're stuck with either Intel, which means can't use Power9, or Nvidia 7xx series or older which are getting long in the tooth.

As for the topic at hand I do notice that Linux users have given up a lot in order to get more shiny toys and I have been a part of that. They wanted Linux gaming and what we have now is the most popular Store for Linux being Steam (closed source); the most popular GPU being Nvidia with closed source drivers; the most popular engines being Unity (closed source) and Unreal (source available but not open source). As for Proton specifially I don't mind that because it is open source. It is literally just Wine and DXVK baked into Steam to make things easier.

What will happen ? I don't know. I can just continue to try to make my migration over to more open source options from what I have been using. I am closer to this ideal now than I was last year and hopefully will be closer next year than I am now. Just focus on what you use and can control and do what you can.

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@PublicLewdness Someone who wants freedom and privacy must forget all non-free software and games.
You mentioned Unity/UE4, These engines have many limitations...
GNU/Linus has many great game engines like Godot Engine (https://godotengine.org/)
The reason that free softwares is less popular than non-free softwares is most people are accustomed to using the softwares of large companies like google, facebook, ... and they never want to change their habit...
GNU aimed to provide a free/libre operating system, not making more softwares or games.

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I think you may have misunderstood my comment. I prefer Godot over Unity and UE4 but my point was that the majority of Linux users have sacrificed free software in exchange for games. I count myself among them as I spent the last 4 years on Linux not caring what closed software I had to use so long as I could play my games on Linux. This is partly why the most popular aspects of Linux are not free software. We're in agreement on most of your points.

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In the end Microsoft's moves exist to benefit Microsoft. The are embracing Linux and the "Open Source" community because their ecosystem has been hemorrhaging developers for years. This way they can adopt the tools that work better than their own and then tie new developers not concerned with software freedom into their platforms and services.

This doesn't really impact folks that care about Free Software at all since caring about this precludes using things like the platforms and services Microsoft provides. At this point, the lingering Microsoft boogeyman FUD spoken about in many forums like this one doesn't really hold water. They are simply part of a chorus of powerful companies advancing propitiatory systems and services, they are not even the scariest one.

This doesn't mean Free Software is safe. There are many things that concern me:

1. Systems that can be reasonably freed are getting harder to find and decryptedly old. This leaves us with boutique crowd funded systems by questionable companies (Purism), or too expensive to ever ship more than a few hundred units (Talos), or ones that will never ship at all (EOMA68).

2. Dependence on the linux kernal and increasingly propriety internet pushes the whole community into a "design by exclusion" game of diminishing returns. Developers spend all their time trying to design workarounds to "free" systems and services ending up with something less functional, that easily breaks every time the upstream changes, and it distracts from creating something new that is designed to be free to start with.

3. Consolidation in the browser space. If the trends happening now bare out, non-Chrome/Safari browsers will become third class citizens in the next few years meaning many websites simply won't work right or at all. There are efforts to "free" Chrome, but see above. With increasing bloat, these freeing efforts are a fools errand.

4. The community is fractured and frankly behaves like a bunch of obnoxious children far too often. Don't believe me? Just look at this very forum. I have lost count of the number of total meltdowns here by people in positions of leadership in the free software community. If people who at their core believe in the same thing (Free Software) can't respect each other, why should anyone else respect the movement?

So, in closing available hardware is fading, the internet is becoming more unavoidably proprietary, the community is fractured, and its remaining energy is spent on a design ethos that focuses on being the echo instead of the voice. You should be very afraid, just not for the reasons you thought.

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Hello gnudev, I love your worry and I believe education is the solution. The education that proprietary software is bad and Microsoft is anti-freedom should be conveyed to people. If entering schools is difficult, why not making online teachings to teach software freedom where everyone can join? I am currently doing that in my own capability.

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Education is definitely the crucial factor.

Most people do not choose proprietary software over libre software deliberately but because of the oligopoly situation of proprietary software vendors and because of social inertia, which in turn further deprives free software communities of resources. Most GLUGs (GNU/Linux User Groups) I know of are stagnating at best for failing to find their public.

Education is necessary in order to break this vicious circle, but how to reach out to people? I am asking because I believe you are spot on about education, and because I believe you are already active in that field.

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Hi guys!
Don't know the news how speach Gnudev, but is not a surprise, it's Microshit style! ;-) Any way I'm veryyyy afraid too, and believe the way was be declared in sept. '19...
"Divide et impera" it's an old trick, but work well every time, and for me FSF are on part resposable of that situation.
_The community is fractured in the same ways how is fractured software development. We have a billions of good idea, programms, app, etc.., in a millions of different "recipes". This is good for improve it, but hard to follow and maybe impossible to "driving" in a unique and right direction. And for a better mistyfication, many times the bastards take a piece of this and a piece of that to build our bad app/software. So many times we work for they, and for free! ;-) Many of us believe that is not a great problem, but for a normal user isn't easy find and undersand all that, don't have time to spend for studing. But at same time need Pc for all, so at the end only the 5% of the desktop users in the world use Linux. Linux! So maybe only 1/5 of that 5%, really use Gnu-Linux (Trisquel, PureOS, etc..).
_And when users have time or knowhow, how FindEssential say, there are always the upgrade of Policy or Terms of Use, and the loop start again... More less every 2 years, whit new billions of stupid problems to solve! And time lost.
_The hardware is another VERY BIG problem, we can use only (or almost) old hardwares and with they permissions, there are some ones exceptions but are white flyes... In this way we are forced to stay back of years, the digital divide is also that.
_< I believe education is the solution... > Well, love your optimism :-), but I wrote from Italy. Here, after one year of fake school from home using skype and similar, now all the student going to use new app's and software for the school, developed by.....yes! Microshit & Co. Also whitout considering data robbery problems, how tipe of education they can promoves?? In how fucking world, education of childs are in the hands of Corp's?? FSFE speaching about edu-software from when is born (20y), but for now, there is some thing of similar only on our distro.
_In a lot of country in the world, (Africa, part of Asia and not only) people believe the Web is Fuckbook or Twittt! How we can explaine the difference, and in how much time? In this way digital divide of today, will be more big tomorrow, and more big again tomorrow after.
_Unfortunately, there are many others....

Sorry friend for the explosion :-). I'm not very optimist, maybe because don't look around many serius discussions about. There are many problem about speaching, but few people, fractured and whitout money....do you know "L'Armata Brancaleone"? :-):-):-)!!!!

[Wiki:"L'armata Brancaleone" comedy movie (1966) of Mario Monicelli. The term "Armata Brancaleone" is still used today in Italian to define a group of badly assembled and poorly equipped people.]

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Don't be afraid of the future of free software. Fear is meaningless. Repression and exploitation won't be gone no matter to what extent you "fear" them.

Resist and fight them instead. Even if software freedom is (surely) wiped out by the governments some day, you can still proudly say that you were not willing to accept the grim reality. By doing so, we can still add some bitterness to our enemy's (temporary) victory.

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> Don't be afraid

"I'm not afraid! I'm up for it! I'll give'm a taste of the dwarvish iron right up his jacksy!"

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< "I'm not afraid! I'm up.... > I agree, but is hard win a fight if we are "4 cat's", against 4 billions of "enemies" whit real weapons...
The last 4 comment are an example of the problems I said. Don't misunderstand me, the words and they significate is important, 2 years ago I don't know nothing about Gnu, and now I don't know so much again... Is ever a good thing help every new user, I love Gnu community also for that. But Gnu Project exist from 37 years!!! On these times (web/social/etc..) one project like this, usually expode (or die) in 1/2 years. But we are freezed in this bubble, from ever. For me because there are a LOT to learn and understand, but are all fractured in millions of different project, in different "places", under different licences, ect.... So at the end, we stay always speaching about sintax, policy, licences... When the work to do for improve, are others. Is the same loop of Terms of Use and Policy upgrade, wich need running back every 2/3 years. We run a lot, but whitout move.
I can understand Rootfarmer friends..., not every ones have time or knowhow to do a marathon like this, also for that many people give up. And we are always less...
It's a stategy, and work good.

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Hi all :D

I hope you all have a good time. This is what i love about GNU/Linux (linux libre)
Its our decision what we allow and what we use nobody forces you to use windows,mac,android and those programs or let us say blobs
most time it is just comfort why people go for it. There is nothing to worry aslong people like here i mean the whole environment : developer,artist,user are working/using alternatives so it is very important to spend some resources on this guys as to give more power to microsoft,apple and co , also the software like adobephotoshop,steam,etc. and start supporting alternatives like : gog,gimp,etc.

this here is an independently community which does not belong to these company and they way to do things as long we all support this here we have not to worry about these things.
so to keep this alive support it in any ways you can do it,if it is donation,translation or on any other ways,just support how you can even using it is a way of support.
but people can feel free to get some item here : https://trisquel.info/en/store :)

this is the philosophy behind this movement to have the power modify learn and check everything,if you want too.

You have the control over the system and not the system over you.

opensource is just an Trojan horse^^

also can be worth it to check some videos/lectures from Richard Stallman about this topic in general.