Trisquel Flidas LiveCD and only dis-activating 2 options in the Screensaver Preferences window.

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Because I have been surprised by what I believe have been unexpected changes in the way my computing system is working I would like to know what would be the normal behavior of the system if I dis-activate the "Activate screensaver when computer is idle" and the "Lock screen when screensaver is active" options of the Screensaver Preferences window and I leave the system idle for about 8 hours.

The system is made of a
ASUS P5G 41T-M LX3 motherboard
Processor Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.000GHz x 2
Memory 1.9 GB
No hard disk.
Ethernet connection to Internet
BIOS Power Settings: ASUS Defaults

Thank you in advance

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If inactive, the display goes to sleep after 30 minutes.

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@ loldier
Thank you for your reply.
There are some other things I would like to know about what should be the normal behavior taking into account it is a livecd booted system:

Does wakening it up from its sleep require something else than moving the mouse or pressing a key in the keyboard?

Do those requirements change if the sleeping period increases?

Is there some instance in which wakening the system up requires some password or reboot?

I want to stress 2 facts:
1) that all these questions apply to a system that was derived from a livecd boot on the same hardware described above and in which, letting aside the two dis-activations I have mentioned in my previous post, the only actions that were performed in the after-boot period were to "sudo apt update"; add Geany, Gnumeric, Hexchat and mtPaint; remove from the desktop panel the Show Desktop item; add to it the Force Quit, Hardware Sensors Monitor, System Monitor and Workspace Switcher items and set its clock to the local time.
2)The livecd that is being used has recently passed the md5sum and sha256sum examinations.

Thank you in advance.