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IssueAllow assignment of issues to upstream SirGrant3Fai 9 anos 2 semanas
Issuecarl9170 Chris3Fai 9 anos 2 semanas
IssueInstalling Java Packages through Add/Remove Applications installs Epiphany as the default browser. BinaryDigit4Fai 9 anos 2 semanas
IssueUpgrade Captcha to allow sound playback malberts4Fai 9 anos 2 semanas
IssueA 404 link lembas10Fai 9 anos 2 semanas
IssueCan't report bugs against Trisquel 5.5 beta lembas4Fai 9 anos 3 semanas
IssueOutdated or Poor wikipages recomended for deletion SirGrant16Fai 9 anos 3 semanas
IssueSeed extensions from epiphany-extensions-more crash Epiphany ivaylo3Fai 9 anos 3 semanas
IssueUbuntu logo appears in main menu of Add/Remove applications marillion5Fai 9 anos 4 semanas
IssueLibreOffice Writer "Export as PDF..." security options not working well apvp7Fai 9 anos 4 semanas
IssueRepository troubles: Thunderbird and Mumble can't be downloaded Bix2Fai 9 anos 5 semanas
IssueHOLA, MEXICO hsjosue2Fai 9 anos 5 semanas
Issuehttp://bzr.trisquel.info : 500 Internal Server Error lembas2Fai 9 anos 7 semanas
IssueEl foro no se integra bien con las listas de correo anonymous5Fai 9 anos 8 semanas
Issuesome upgraded packages in dagda-updates are not on the fsf mirror. sudoman5Fai 9 anos 9 semanas
IssueBinaries have been made available by the Mozilla Project Daniel Molina5Fai 9 anos 9 semanas
IssueFAQ#Support should mention the IRC channel lembas4Fai 9 anos 9 semanas
IssueUnable to install ubuntustudio-graphics gurdy2Fai 9 anos 11 semanas
IssueGnome Clock - Weather & Temperature Appear And Disappear DasFox1Fai 9 anos 11 semanas
IssuePhatch not working mec1Fai 9 anos 11 semanas
IssueCannot install package balazar lembas2Fai 9 anos 11 semanas
Issueboinc 6.2.18 - texfont.C and texfont.h license marcooliva3Fai 9 anos 12 semanas
IssueAbrowser says that AdBlock Plus is in the repository but it is not malberts2Fai 9 anos 12 semanas
Forum TopicOffTopic: Richard Stallman T-shirt? Mitja8Fai 9 anos 13 semanas
Issueabrowser se cierra al ejecutar el java applet de keepvid.com para bajar videos de youtube.com trinux2Fai 9 anos 13 semanas