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IssueStill some problems with splash and Radeon card flop3Fai 6 anos 13 semanas
IssueSolve bugs on a timeframe depending on the priority quiliro2Fai 6 anos 13 semanas
IssuePackages have only 1-line descriptions, not the longer info lembas3Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
IssueProblem installing packages : Hash Sum mismatch aliasbody3Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
Issueyoutube-dl doesn't work aloniv2Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
IssueRecommending non-free software on userpage lembas3Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
IssueFreemind crashes periodically muhammed2Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
Issuearora causes system to freeze nevermoreraven1Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
IssueaBrowser still phones home to mozilla for ad snippets G4JC5Fai 6 anos 14 semanas
Issuesrc/java/org/apache/fop/pdf/ sRGB Color Space Profile.icm is non-free aubreyraech4Fai 6 anos 15 semanas
IssueAbrowser "Start a Conversation" button has invalid link alucardx1Fai 6 anos 15 semanas
Forum TopicCan someone create a vagrant box or a docker base image with trisquel ? silemmo4Fai 6 anos 16 semanas
Issueabrowser bug (plugins.update.url set to mozilla URL) fchmmr3Fai 6 anos 19 semanas
Issuetrisquelize.sh doesn't remove non-free Firefox plugins and some other packages installed by "dpkg -i" agentgates2Fai 6 anos 19 semanas
Issuedate in Trisquel 7 task bar muhammed3Fai 6 anos 22 semanas
IssueTime switcher doesn't work Ctwx1Fai 6 anos 22 semanas
Forum TopicARM board without blobs aklis2Fai 6 anos 24 semanas
Issue[GFSD] grace contains nonfree cephes library Legimet6Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package nvclock suggests non-free software lembas13Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
Issuemathomatic GPL problem mejiko4Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
IssueDocumentation Request: Allow for the attachment of scripts SirGrant3Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
IssueBroken links on the website isleofmax9Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
IssueWrong path for language installer in F.A.Q page of Main Site lap4fsf2Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
IssueAbility to set maximum download speed grave_1237Fai 6 anos 27 semanas
Issuepostgresql-common error on install: "Unsupported distribution" dobie_gillis3Fai 6 anos 27 semanas