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Forum TopicLibrebox (with Coreboot) - Hello Again aliasbody14Fai 4 anos 29 semanas
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Forum TopicOpinions about the Intel SBA (Small Business Advantage) aliasbody0Fai 9 anos 21 semanas
IncidenciaModify abrowser to have privacy features included (enable "do not track; disable location-aware browsing) SirGrant10Fai 9 anos 21 semanas
Incidenciadpkg foreign-architecture warning using Trisquel NetInstall aliasbody2Fai 9 anos 23 semanas
IncidenciaProblems installing Replicant SDK, .debs derived from source pkgs gtk+2.0 and libsdl1.2 need rebuilding aliasbody13Fai 9 anos 23 semanas
Forum TopicPenguin GNU / Linux Laptop /w 1920x1080 Matte Screen Now Shipping Chris32Fai 9 anos 30 semanas
Forum Topic"Million dollar" question concerning the hardware we use Fernando_Negro34Fai 9 anos 36 semanas
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Forum TopicAny future plan for a new ThinkPenguin All-in-One ? aliasbody7Fai 10 anos 1 semana
Forum Topic off-topic (maybe): petition to re-legalize unlocking cell phones in USA Chris23Fai 10 anos 3 semanas
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Forum TopicProblem with Trisquel 6.0 and pm-powersave aliasbody14Fai 10 anos 5 semanas