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Forum TopicSe puede hacer o crear un respin de trisquel, solamente para integrarle otro init TigreLibre.32Fai 1 semana 16 horas
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IncidenciaWe should include the package helpers in the Trisquel sources DVD david1Fai 1 ano 3 semanas
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IncidenciaTorrent Checksums Links Broken Petit6Fai 1 ano 39 semanas
Forum TopicDownload and verification instructions may need update and links to source of .asc and .md5 files strypey23Fai 1 ano 41 semanas
IncidenciaGPG and MD5 links broken when downloading Trisquel 8 by torrent Stumbles1Fai 1 ano 41 semanas
IncidenciaNo MD5 and ASC files for torrent stargrave2Fai 1 ano 41 semanas
Forum Topica whole thread seems missing : does this forum censor ?(!) eagle47Fai 1 ano 50 semanas
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StoryTrisquel 8.0 LTS "Flidas" Screenshots david0Fai 2 anos 15 semanas
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Project releasetrisquel 9.0 david0Fai 3 anos 4 semanas
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